Superfighters Deluxe Clan

This page doesn't contain information about the game, but a form of organization within Superfighters Deluxe community. For more Superfighters Deluxe community clans, please browse the Clans category.

Team 5 a team above Team 4.

Overview Edit

We are a rag-tag SFD team, whose main purpose is to show off the real potential of a superfighter, mainly by means of teamwork, which kinda makes us a team above the best (hence team 5)

Allies Edit


Enemies Edit


Registered Members Edit

  • Aaro (leader's/creators)
  • ValleyForge (leader's/creators)
  • TheOriginalCj(Member)
  • RedneckJed (Member)
  • Ysgatora (Member)
  • Juan1111 (Member)

Clan Requirements Edit

In Game assessment, usually against other fighters.

Clan Tag: =\5/= | (always)