Survival Mode is a game mode in Superfighters.

Superfighters Edit

In Superfighters Survival mode takes place on a specially made map. Each time you defeat a wave of Agents, another wave will ensue. There are multiple things to take advantage of in this map.


Superfighters Survival Mode Map. As seen in game.

  • There are 5 weapon spawns in total.
  • Doors on the Roof can be opened to drop crates, barrels and other objects onto unsuspecting agents.
  • The map is built in a "King of the Hill" style, but there are platforms allowing for you to shoot from a higher point.

Guides. Edit

  • After the first 10 waves, the difficult will increase, and for that, more stronger agents with stronger weapons (AR, Uzi, Shotgun, Bazooka). So I'd recommend you to no get out of ammo before the "real wave battle" begins.
  • Grenades can do a balanced damage to the enemies. Use them as your advantage.
  • It's better to do it in multiplayer mode, cause it's easier: 1 player attacking 1 enemy, 1 player attacking the second enemy.
  • Always take over. Remember that Testing Floor map is an opened place, so it's easy to be caught by weapon bullet attacks. You can use this to take down your enemies more easy.
  • Depending of what difficult is the wave, you have to use your common sense. If you're gonna fight with hard CPUs, use stronger weapons (AR, Shotgun, Sniper Rifle). I do not recommend to use bazooka with those ones, unless they are in a closer place where they can't escape.
  • It's better to attack your enemies with fire. This is the fastest way to kill them.
  • I should recommend you to start to practice first in the Stage mode. When you can kill a hard CPU, you'll be ready for the survival mode.