Survival Mode is a game mode in Superfighters. You can either play this mode alone or with another player.


Survival Mode takes you to Testing Floor, a large and open map where you will fight against groups of agents controlled by AI, coming in 'waves'. Each time you defeat a wave of agents, another wave will ensue. There are a few features of the map:


Testing Floor, the setting for Survival Mode.

There two panels with buttons at the centre of the map, on top of the platforms. You can activate these panels by punching them, causing the hatches on the roof to open, according to the respective side of the panel. You can only do this once per game. The hatches contain various items, including crates, explosive barrels and iron barrels.


  • As the waves progress, the AI gets increasingly harder and the agents will be equipped with better weapons. Try to save your ammo for harder agents, especially those who have assault rifles and flamethrowers.
  • It is better to defeat one of the agents first, rather than fighting them at once because their combined firepower can prove deadly, especially when they're using automatic weapons.
  • Iron barrels can spawn at the center of the map. This is a good item for cover, as iron barrels are indestructable. You can also try kicking the iron barrels to arrange them in such a manner that makes the center of the map as your bunker. Just be careful of flamethrower users as the flames can pierce through the barrels.
  • Playing with another person is usually better, as naturally attacking different enemies at the same time takes less time than defeating them individually.
  • Fire weapons (flamethrowers, molotov cocktails) are very good weapons to use in Survival Mode because of their area denial power. The AI will automatically run away from areas ignited by fire, giving you a opportunity to shoot them.
  • You should complete the Stage Mode before trying Survival Mode to sharpen your skills and to prepare to face the hard AIs you will encounter late in game.
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