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Size 16x16
Material Metal
Durability 200 HP
Flammable? No

The Steel Barrel, or best known just as "barrel," is an object that is affected by physics. Similar to the Explosive Barrel, it was also available Pre-Release.


The barrel is a durable object which can take many hits from automatic fire, but the barrel can be destroyed after taking enough damage. Taking cover behind one can give you a large advantage in gunfights almost making you immune to damage from enemy fire from the opposing side you cover behind. The Steel Barrel is Strong but can be easily destroyed by Explosions and when weakened it can be destroyed in a single shot by a Sniper Rifle or a Magnum. Still, it's a good idea to take cover behind it while it's not weakened. You can hit an enemy with a gun, if he is taking cover behind the same Steel Barrel that you are taking cover, but on the other side.