There are several tools in your Superfighters arsenal than just plain running all over the place. Rolling to dissipate fire, diving to safe land after a long fall and dodging bullets can save your tiny character and help you win the game. Professionals will use these moves to reach his goal, as they are vital to being the last alive.



Performed by pressing down and a direction key. While rolling, you are nearly impossible to be hit by bullets. If you are on fire, one or two rolls also puts out the fire, stopping you from taking more damage.


Performed by pressing down while sprinting. While diving, you care nearly impossible to be hit by bullets and you will take no fall damage. You can also grab enemies by diving into them. Grabbed enemies will take fall damage from the fall. Enemies grabbed by a dive can be shot, and thus used as a shield. Also, if executed well, you can grab a person with a dive onto a lee, making them fall while you are still alive.


To take cover behind a chest-high wall or object, touch that object and press that direction key again. While in cover, your bullets will pass through the object, but the enemy's bullets will not.


This term is used when a player needs to suck someones peen; allowing them to deal heavy damage with ease. Repetitive attack and little movement is key to using this move. Having a weapon can maximize time and distance from a counter-attack. Walling is frowned upon by many players.

Superfighters DeluxeEdit

These are extra movements in Superfighters Deluxe for you to take advantage with.


If you hit an opponent while he is aiming a gun (either shooting from the hip or in manual aim mode) or when he's switching throught his weapons you will disarm him, knocking the gun out of your opponents hands. The gun will become a physics object that can be taken after a few moments. This allows you to take an enemy's weapon and use it against them.

Grenade JumpingEdit

Grenade jumping is a feature in both Superfighters and Superfighters Deluxe. If timed properly, players can use the force of a grenade to reach nearly impossible parts of a map to gain an advantage point, at the cost of roughly half their health. Timing is key, and difficult to predict without some practice first. It's recommended to start a private match and practice alone before trying it online.

Ladder JumpingEdit

Pressing attack, block or kick while climbing a ladder will perform a jump from the ladder. This is useful to surprise waiting players on top of ladders as you can attack with your gun or melee weapon while in the air. In addition jumping or sliding down a ladder onto an oncoming enemy on a ladder will knock them off the ladder, good to prevent a player from following you too closely

Grenade BaseballEdit

This special move enables the Baseball Bat to be used in conjunction with grenades or C4 as a form of long ranged explosive weapon. This is done by throwing a grenade straight up in the air or on the ground, and using either a standing or jumping melee attack (if thrown upwards), or a crouch attack (if on the ground) to launch the grenade across the map. It is possible to hit the grenade with another weapon, but they will not launch it as far as the baseball bat.

Ledge GrabbingEdit

This move is performed by jumping into an object and holding/pressing the direction key that would move you in the direction of that object. This allows you to reach higher areas without using grenade jumping or another method. Most corners, excluding platform corners, can be grabbed onto. You can also add a grabbable target in the Map Editor, allowing you to ledge grab onto the block without it being a corner. You can jump off of ledge grab targets by either pressing down, up, or the reverse direction in which you are facing by default + up. You cannot shoot, attack, aim, or block at all when you are grabbing onto a ledge.


You can move far distances by doing some moves with boxes and barrels. If you perform kicking the box or the barrel by standing up on it the way it turns to other edge, you can roll or dive in direction of your kick. This will make you fly in the direction of your kick. It's a dangerous move, if you perform roll, because you can fly too far or fall too far, so you can lose many HP. The other way is to jump on the box or barrel, kick it by the jump kick and perform rolling or diving. It's a dangerous move too, because you can miss the timing and break the object you tried to use. This will cause losing of HP or even explosion of the red barrel... To perform these moves easily you need to practice all day and night, but then you will be able to move on very far distances without losing stamina or to make an advantage when trying to pick up a weapon or to run away very fast... Diving gives more speed and safety than rolling, but also is harder to perform.