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Bullets 3
Ammunition 1
Damage Normal: 30 HP

Object: 60 HP

Critical chance 75%
Critical damage 45 HP
Rarity Rare

The Sniper Rifle is a special Primary weapon, added in Pre-Alpha 1.1.6.


We need freedom! :v

The Sniper Rifle is the strongest weapon available in the game (in damage per shot), and is the weapon with the longest range. It is very useful for long distance fighting, as it has a Laser Sight by default and can easily kill a foe with a full clip.

The best way of using the Sniper Rifle is to get on a distance and take advantage of the weapons high accuracy and damage. It can also be used to kill a running enemy quickly at any range, as it's easy to aim with and depending on the circumstance, deadly.

The best way to counter the Sniper Rifle is to get as close as possible before opening fire, as you can use your weapons lower accuracy to land hits. If you have only a Melee weapon, the Sniper has a low rate of fire, after the Sniper fires run towards them. You have but a second to gain some distance, if they've used up all their shots you should then attack them having gained as much distance.

The Sniper Rifle is also one of the weapons that can destroy a crate with a single bullet. However, unlike other weapons, the Sniper Rifle's bullet will keep going, allowing you to catch some foes off-guard, because they'll be taking cover and expecting your shots to be blocked, but the Sniper's bullet will destroy the crate and hit the enemy, and if they don't have enough health, kill them.

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