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Power-Ups are items that will give you an advantage in the fight. Power-ups are equipped in power-up slot. None of power-ups will stack, but you can pick them up like regular items to prevent other players from obtaining them.


These items aren't automatically applied and must be used manually.

Slow-Motion Edit

Mainly refereed to as "Slow-Mo". These power-ups are focused to slow down time to assist the player in hitting their target precisely or getting to a location safer by slowing up an enemy. Depending on the circumstances there are 5 seconds and 10 seconds timers, use them for effect, not for style.

Ten Second Slow-Mo powerup, as seen in game

They have a common-uncommon spawn rate, but can still be picked up rather conveniently.

Notes Edit

  • While dead or Rocket Riding users can use the Slow Motion power-up to slow a part of the battle at any point in time, this is especially helpful when trying to kill another person while rocket riding.
  • In the prequel, Superfighters, these were referred to as "Bullet-Time" power-ups.


When you obtain these items, they're instantly used. This consists of the Laser Sight and the Health Kit.

Laser Sight Edit

This power-up enables a targeting sight on the player's Primary and Secondary weapons, allowing the user to aim better over a distance. It has a tendency to pop up on occasion, being uncommon-rare, and currently lasts permanently. The Flamethrower is currently the only ranged weapon that is not affected by Laser Sight. Perhaps this is because this is a short-ranged weapon that does not need precise aiming.

Health KitEdit

When picked up it will heal 25 or 50 HP, depending on the sprite of the power-ups. The white bottle with a red plus on it will heal 25 HP, and the almost circular orange one will heal 50 HP. Players have 100 HP so the small one gives back 25% and the large one gives back 50%. Note that any left-over HP will not do anything, as 100 HP is currently the maximum HP you can have.