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Superfighters contains Particles but missing information about it in this page. It is under construction and should be edited to include its full information. If it is still under construction for a long time, please contact staff of this wiki.

Particles are a form of visual effects in Superfighters Deluxe.

Types Edit

Currently 2 types of Particle spawningEdit

Hit Edit

The following effects are generated from hitting/shooting:Edit

Paper Debris Edit

Appearance: Paper teetering slowly towards the ground.

Metal Bits Edit

Appearance: Small grayish metal bits, some can be more yellow or orange.

Smoke Edit

Appearance: Gray Smoke puffs, appear slightly like curled.

Blood Edit

Appearance: Crimson-red blood splatter.

Generated Edit

The following particles are generated from a generator part:Edit

Steam Edit

Apperance:Similar to the Smoke generated from hitting, except lighter of color.

Shell Casings Edit

Appearance:Simple dark yellow rectangular bullets, vary is size. Some are half-red for shotgun shells.

Grenade Spoon Edit

Appearance: A light gray and small curved piece of metal.