So by the title of this page imagine making executions and they could be chosen by the player on the customization part or the executions can be random when you press the specific button to do a execution and it could be done when grabbing the enemy at low enough health maybe a possibility of a dodge when the execution happens, these are some examples of executions.

  • Head detached (if gorey approach you can throw the head at a enemy)
  • Arms be taken off and used as weapon
  • Environmental Executions you can bang the players face on desk or wall the floor or maybe ceiling fans and even the cars on certain maps
  • Melee executions which is baseball bat,machete,bottles,axe,etc
  • Maybe Wrestling moves
  • Gun executions pistols,carbines,LMGs,etc

This is the move executions there is probably more executions you can think off or maybe the gamers can make executions hopefully you'll think about it