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Tiles Edit

  • There are a few different types of tiles, mainly:
  • Static tiles that will not move or be affected by physics. These are the primary building blocks for your world.
  • Dynamic tiles that will move and be affected by physics. These are the primary objects that the player can interact with.
  • Markers and Triggers that will only be visible in the editor. These include player spawns and joints.


Note: You can see additional information about a selected tile in the information area to the right.

Note: A box with a question mark will be visible if there exist extra information about the tile you have selected. Click the box to view the information.




Most tiles can be recolored. All available colors for a tile can be selected from the color palette menu. You open the color palette menu by pressing the blue square icon in the menu while you have some tiles selected.


Note: If you select different tiles with different color palettes the combined color choises will be visible in the color palette menu but only the available colors for a specific tile can color the tile.                                       Note: If the color palette menu is empty it means that the selected tiles can't be recolored. 

Far Background Tiles Edit

Far Background Tiles are your primary blocks to create far backgrounds. Selecting a far background layer will show the following properties for that layer: - Background Distance: Here you can select the distance to the background ranging from 0 to 1000. This distance determines how "far back" the background is and is only effective in the dynamic camera mode. Experiment with these values to find something that suits your map. - Horizon Enabled: You can enable a black horizon for all far background layers. - Horizon Position: The vertical position of the black border. Anything behind the layer below this vertical position will be black. Usefull if you have multiple far background layers.  


Note: You can only see a preview if you lock ALL far background layers. After doing so you can see how the far background moves (depending on the background distance) when you move and zoom with the camera in the editor. 

Background Tiles Edit

Background Tiles are primary blocks to create backgrounds. These background tiles cause no collision and are only for show.


Solid Tiles Edit

Solid Tiles are primary building blocks that stuff collide with.

Solid Tiles

Foreground Tiles Edit

Foreground Tiles are tiles that are in front of everything else.

Foreground Tiles

Supply Crate Edit

Supply Crate: Supply crates are used by the dynamic weapon spawn system. A supply crate will drop a random weapon or item defined by the map's weapon spawn chances property.

Supply Crate

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