Health is an important mechanic within Superfighters Deluxe that shows the condition of your fighter.

Description in Game Edit

All players will spawn with full health at the beginning of each round. Health will be decreased when damage is taken. The screen will start to have a shade of grey when at low health, depending on how low the player's health is. When the player's health is reduced to zero the player will die, leaving a corpse on the game map. Health of other players can be determined by a small, red bar on the top of the player's head. It will only appear when the player takes damage. Health cannot be regained like in the original Superfighters, so Health Kits are the only way of restoring health to the user in Superfighters Deluxe.

HUD Edit

The HUD shows the amount of health you have at the top left corner of the screen, just above your stamina bar. Earlier versions of the HUD show individual bars to indicate health until Pre-Alpha 1.6.2. The HUD now shows a singular bar of health opposed to the original.