Size Various
Material Wood
Durability Invincible
Flammable? No

The Hanging Crate is an object which can be used for multiple purposes.


The Hanging Crate was added in the Pre-Alpha 1.3.0 to accommodate the new joints added to the game. Hanging Crate unlike most objects is invincible to all sources of damage. It's intended to be used with joints to be suspended allowing as a swinging platform for players to utilize, as long as it isn't detached from its holder. This is known for being prevalent in the map Hazardous.

Use Edit

The Hanging Crate can be used as a hanging platform as initially intended, but can also be used as a sturdy piece of cover and, when dropped from a height, can crush and gib a player beneath it. Hanging crates are usually seen in larger maps, such as Hazardous and East Warehouse, mainly because each crate is large in size. Hanging Crates are not recommended to be added in smaller maps.