Bullets N/A
Ammunition N/A
Damage N/A
Critical chance N/A
Critical damage N/A
Rarity N/A

Fists are the default melee weapon. You can use fists at any time by pressing Q by default to sheathe an equipped weapon. The fists are the weakest melee weapon in the game.


The fists are the worst melee method in the game, and it is best to get a melee weapon as soon as possible. They have the lowest damage and the lowest reach. Fists are always accessible. Do not rely on them to kill an enemy, they are best used to disarm a weapon quickly at the start of a match. If you find yourself against an enemy with a melee weapon and you dont have one, it is advised to escape them by tackling, or shooting them. Skilled players can still take out an enemy with a Katana or Fire Axe, by getting close enough up to them, and keeping their enemy inside of their fists short reach.

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