Explosions are a frequent game mechanic within the Superfighters Series.

Function Edit

Explosions in the Superfighters series are potentially deadly in nature, they can deal around 20-50 damage depending on how close you are to the explosion. While explosions can easily devastate a single fighter, for better effectiveness, make sure multiple fighters are caught near an explosion to deal more damage to different enemies. A good use for explosives is their ability to indirect attacks. You can use them for attacking behind corners, knocking players for a later attack and making them fall down cliffs.

Against players , an explosion will deal up to 60 damages.

Against objects, an explosion will deal up to 100 damages.

Sources Edit

In Superfighters the only sources of explosions were from Grenades, Bazooka Rockets, and Explosive Barrels. In Superfighters Deluxe, additional sources were included, such as Launched Grenades, Propane Tank and the ExplosionTrigger, explosions through scripts(Game.TriggerExplosion(Vector2 Position)) ,and possibly future sources.