Superfighters Deluxe Clan

This page doesn't contain information about the game, but a form of organization within Superfighters Deluxe community. For more Superfighters Deluxe community clans, please browse the Clans category.

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Delta Squad is a organisation were players can train and recive help in things around Superfighters Deluxe ( for example If someone gets in trouble with a clan because of nothing ). The clan is built around a simple rank system. There are 5 mayor ranks plus some special titles like " Head of Recruitment ". These ranks got different rights in the clan ( a recruit is not allowed to command a commander, for example ).

Ranks Edit

  1. Recruit (New to the clan, test in the basics of SFD to rank up )
  2. Private (Basic soldier of the clan )
  3. Commander (gets 3 privates under his commands, special reason to rank up )
  4. Mayor (Supervisitor of 3 commanders )
  5. General (highest power in clan)

War Rules Edit

The official game Mode of delta sqad is antonikon Hardcore.

Two teams spawn at the opposite sides of the map and choose their items with a point limit.

Then the battle begins:

whoever dies will get BANNED 

He/she will be unbanned after the battle

there are two fleezones at the map and who entern them will get kicked

last alive team chooses next action

The winner is the Clan which members are alive at the end, or the clan which captured the command centre of their opponents

We need:Edit

We are watching for both, new and expirienced plavers

Map editors to build our base (reward: rank 2 instantly, best of them will be Mayor)

scripters (reward: rank 2 instantly, best of them will be Mayor)

recruiters (needs to be skilled and have carisma, instantly rank 3)

trainers (enourmos skilled in a special thing, gets rank 3)