Brocken Cue Stick


Bullets N/A
Ammunition N/A
Damage N/A
Critical chance N/A
Critical damage N/A
Rarity Makeshift

The Broken Cue Stick is a Makeshift Melee weapon, added in Pre-Alpha 1.7.3.


The Broken Cue Stick is a short Makeshift Melee weapon that is obtained by breaking a Cue Stick. Being one of the worst in-game Melee weapon, consider switching to something else as soon as possible. It will break in 3 hits against a fighter, and will take up to 5 hits against a wall.


  • The Broken Cue Stick is inferior in all aspect to the Pipe Wrench, making it the worst Melee weapon of the game. It inflict almost as much damage as Fists do.
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